The Color of Advertising – What to use and why.

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Color is one of the most important factors to consider when creating  your advertising or media message.

How you use color in your advertising, the colors you choose, and whether they are dark, bright or soft can make a huge difference.

Color can help you

1. Create an image you want for your store or business.

2. Sell to the people you want as customers.

3. Create interest in people in buying or sampling your product or service.

Below are some ways advertisers and marketers use color to create better and more impactful media messages. While these examples don’t describe all the ways  color may be used, they do so you the advantages of using color wisely.

Colors to use and why

RED is one of the most vibrant of colors and he most emotionally charged. Used in fast-paced commercials, red communicates vitality and youth for a product or brand. Use red for single items or sparingly throughout. Red can say that you are energetic and up to date.

BLUE is considered a friendly color. It reflects a conservative, traditional and friendly image.

WHITE is one of the colors most associated with quality in television commercials. It symbolizes style and value to most viewers. When used in slow-paced commercials, white can convey excellence and elegance.

BLACK denotes sophistication and works well when showcasing high-end products or services. Black can also be used as a background color to enhance other colors. Use black sparingly as a contrast to light or bright colors.

BROWN is considered by many  to be a masculine color. It is associated with the earth, warmth and comfort. In particular brown is appealing to men and is used very often in selling men’s products or services.

GREEN is a color that can stand for health and freshness. It is a comforting and soothing color particularly when use in a low-key and conservative commercial. Green can be very effective element to motivate viewers when a call to action is used.

BRIGHT OR SOFT COLORS are used as a decision based on your overall goal and theme. To communicated a conservative image, choose softer tones and a softer focus. To be more progressive pick brighter colors with a sharper focus.

EXPERIMENT with color to find the perfect mix for your business advertising. While the above guidelines are a good starting point it is okay to try different looks and styles. Depending on the length and message you are trying to convey you might try different colors in various scenes.

Choosing the right colors to market and brand your business is important. How you convey that image and brand is critical. If you need help with either one, Nevada Media Consultants can be your hands on  partner and advocate.

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